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A Study on the Support System of Alternative Materials for College Students with Visual Impairment
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Support System of Alternative Materials for College Students with Visual Impairment
Suh, Hye-Ran; Kang, Eun-Yeong;
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The attention to higher education of individuals with disabilities has been increased. But, there is no concern for successful university life of students with visual impairment. The purpose of this study is to propose systematic learning-support systems for enhancing the rights of college students with visual impairment in accessing and using library materials. To accomplish the purpose of this study, the current states of alternative material system for those with visual impairment and use behavior of college students with visual impairment in Korea were analyzed. This study concluded with the following strategies for constructing the systematic support system for the alternative materials for college students with visual impairment: 1) improvement of The National Library for Individuals with Disabilities` function; 2) empowerment of service center for student with disabilities in University through strengthening network; 3) technical and systematic improvement for copyright protection.
College Students with Visual Impairment;Learning-Support Systems;Materials in Alternative Format;College Textbook;Rights of Information Accessibility;
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