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A Study to Activate Programs for Adults in Representative Libraries in the Seoul District
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 Title & Authors
A Study to Activate Programs for Adults in Representative Libraries in the Seoul District
Shin, Seon-Ju; Kang, Soon-Ae;
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As the needs of library users change diversely along with the rapid developments and changes in society, libraries have gone beyond the traditional role of providing, gathering, organizing and preserving materials and information to provide various program services in culture, interests, and practicality that accommodate cultural and educational needs. Public libraries, in particular, are reflecting their role as the representative educational and cultural institutions of the community and following social changes to expand the role of libraries and manage various programs. This study aims to vitalize adult-targeted programs in representative Seoul libraries by understanding the current situation of the aforementioned programs through the past five years, and ran a survey on the satisfaction levels of those who are in charge of the programs and those who utilize the programs. The purpose of the study is to comprehensively analyze the improvements needed for running the programs and the demands of users in order to propose ways to activate library programs for adults.
Programs for adults;Representative libraries in Seoul;Managers of programs for adults;Users of programs for adults;the improvements needed for running the programs;
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