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A Bibliotherapy Program Case Study for the Responsibility Promotion of Alienated Youth
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 Title & Authors
A Bibliotherapy Program Case Study for the Responsibility Promotion of Alienated Youth
Lim, Seong-Gwan;
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In Korea, only a small study based on the bibliotherapy program for responsibility promotion of at risk or alienated youth has been performed. The purpose of this proposed study is to further examine the challenges and effects of a group bibliotherapy program on alienated youth to determine the degree of success in terms of "responsibility" and/or positive results. The current research program included a relatively small sample size of 11 young people (2 boys, 9 girls) in the Suwon Youth Center from November to December, 2015. The alienated youth program consisted of 8 sessions in the correct activity center with or having levels of insight, application, and verification measured using the Lee Sang Ro et al. (1989), Developmental Responsibility Examination (Scale of Responsibility). As a result, this study will confirm that the program to raise the level of alienated youth responsibility produces positive effects. These results will provide additional theoretical rationale and implications capable for applying "responsibility" education for alienated youth to the overall field encompassing youth education. Based on this, it will be necessary to extend various identified methods in depth to achieve this overall goal.
Alienated Youth;Responsibility;Bibliotherapy;Effects of Bibliotherapy;Case Study;
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