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A Study on the User Satisfaction of Records and Information Management System in Construction
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the User Satisfaction of Records and Information Management System in Construction
Yun, Kyoungsook; Lee, Yebin; Kim, Seonghee;
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To be able to present authenticity, or to cope with patent related cases or any possible law suite for intellectual. The purpose of this study was to investigate factors affecting the satisfaction of records and information management system on the construction industry. Data was collected through a survey of 129 employees who work for A engineering company. Independent variables in this study included system quality, information quality, and service quality. Latent variable was selected as easy of use and usefulness. Dependent variable was user`s satisfaction for the system. The results of analysis of structural equation modeling showed that system quality was found to have both direct and indirect impacts on user`s satisfaction. On the other hand, information quality was significant only in direct impact on ease of use. Service quality was not statistically significant in the effect on user`s satisfaction.
Records Management;RIM;System Quality;Information Quality;Service Quality;SEM;Satisfaction;
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