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A Study on Librarians` Perception about Government 3.0
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A Study on Librarians` Perception about Government 3.0
Noh, Younghee;
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Recently in accordance with Government 3.0 policy, public data is being released in large quantities and entrepreneurs are succeeding in utilizing this policy to develop products and apps that increase the convenience of the people to use the information. As libraries belong to the public domain, libraries must open a variety of data to the public in accordance with the Government 3.0 policy, and make the various applications utilizing the data. Therefore, this study investigated the government 3.0 Policy, classified the success cases of the applications according to specific criteria, identified data having high availability from the library data, and tried to discover data that can increase the utilization value through the library from other subject areas. An awareness survey was conducted of librarians of the University and Special Library and the results are as follows: First, librarians` awareness about the Government 3.0 was more than the average of 3.6, whereas for the initiatives presented in 3.0. Second, those responding that the government 3.0 policy would have a positive effect on libraries were six times higher than those responding negatively. Third, the respondents listed the ways that the policy can be effectively utilized in the library, in order, as providing to the user public open data classified by topic, providing user education about utilizing method of public open data, and privacy-related user education regarding open data utilization. Fourth, there was overall agreement by the respondents that public open data would be helpful in improving the library`s changing role and image, with 60% responding in a positive way.
Government 3.0;Library;Public Data;Integrated Use;
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