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Sensitivity study of the Yfiler® PLUS PCR Amplification Kit in forensic casework samples
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  • Journal title : Analytical Science and Technology
  • Volume 29, Issue 1,  2016, pp.43-48
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Analytical Science
  • DOI : 10.5806/AST.2016.29.1.43
 Title & Authors
Sensitivity study of the Yfiler® PLUS PCR Amplification Kit in forensic casework samples
Jung, Ju Yeon; Kim, Kyoung Sook; Park, Sun Wha; Lim, Si Keun; Lee, Dong Sub; Lee, Yang Han;
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A variety of Y-STR analysis kits have been developed and used in the forensic field. Prior to the forensic application of a new kit, laboratory validation and sensitivity tests are essential processes in selecting suitable alternatives and for assuring that standard operating procedures are followed. In this paper, we have performed a sensitivity study of a new commercial kit, the Yfiler® PLUS PCR Amplification Kit (Yfiler plus kit, released in 2014) by comparing it with the AmpF/STR® YfilerTM PCR Amplification Kit (Yfiler kit, released in 2004). The Yfiler plus kit includes the 17 Y-STR loci of the Yfiler kit and has been supplemented with 10 new Y-STR loci. First, we analyzed the sensitivity difference between the two kits using commercial control DNA 2800M and 007. In addition, we compared the detection rate between the two kits from the 16 selected forensic casework samples of less than 0.5 ng concentrations. The results show that the sensitivity and detection rate of the Yfiler plus kit are higher than the corresponding rates of the Yfiler kit. In addition, we were able to obtain more Y-STR profiles with the use of the new kit. Thus, we suggest that Yfiler plus kit is a more effective forensic tool to detect Y-STR profiles from forensic casework samples of low concentrations.
Yfiler® PLUS PCR Amplification Kit;AmpF/STR YfilerTM PCR Amplification Kit;forensic casework samples;sensitivity;detection rate;
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