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A Study on Influential Determinants of Health in Adult of Korea Using Lalonde Health Field Model
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Influential Determinants of Health in Adult of Korea Using Lalonde Health Field Model
Choi, Ryoung; Moon, Hyun-Ju;
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This study conducted a secondary analysis by using original data of performed by Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs to know factors affecting determinants of health using Lalonde model for the adults aged over 19 years living in Korea. The survey was conducted in 2009 and it evaluated finally 5,867 cases by excluding cases with no answer or a wrong answer. This study model adopted two categories of instrument measure health were objective (Average remaining lifetime) and subjective(EQ-5D) health status. The health determinants included in this study could be divided in to four categories, which were human biology, environment, lifestyle, and health care organization. The results were as follows. In the factors affecting average remaining lifetime, human biology were sex, ages, BMI, showed statistically significant difference, environment category were merry status, education showed statistically significant difference, lifestyle category were exercise, drunks showed statistically significant difference and health care organization category were vaccination, health screening showed statistically significant difference. In the factors affecting EQ-5D, human biology category and health care organization category showed with same average remaining lifetime, environment category were merry status, education, income showed statistically significant difference and lifestyle category were exercise, drunks, stress showed statistically significant difference. The results demonstrated that the best powerful factor was life style category and environment category, the least factor was health care organization category. So lifestyle style and environment category should be considered for the future health plan, budget allocation and the priority in the health care.
Determinants;Life Expectancy;EQ-5D;Lalonde Model;Health Status;
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