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A Study on the Oral Health Belief and Oral Health Education Awareness of Workers in the Workplace
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A Study on the Oral Health Belief and Oral Health Education Awareness of Workers in the Workplace
Moon, Seon-Jeong; Ku, In-Young; Choi, Hwa-Young; Ka, Kyung-Hwan;
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Objectives : A survey was conducted to investigate oral health belief and education awareness of oral health of workers in the workplace and to obtain the basic data necessary to promote their oral health and design an oral health education program. Methods : This study conducted a self-administered survey. Results : The following conclusion was made. For oral health beliefs based on the type of work that the workers did, workers in production and technical services had more benefits than those in other fields(security, guard, etc.), and workers on night duty had more oral health hygiene problems than that of regular day-time workers. The longer the period of service was, the more sensitive and serious the workers were and the less beneficial the work was; workers working for eight hours or less had higher levels of importance than those working for ten hours. They were well aware of the need for oral health education but were less aware of the need for an oral health room. Conclusions : It is necessary to emphasize oral health beliefs when developing an oral health education program that promotes oral health for workers in the workplace. If an oral health education program attempts to reflect the concerns of workers in the workplace and provides preferred contents and methods on oral health education, the program is expected to promote the active and positive participation of the workers.
Oral Health Belief;Oral Health Education;Workers;
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구강건강신념이 구강병 예방 및 삶의 질에 미치는 영향,최유진;박재성;

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일부 산업장 근로자의 구강보건교육프로그램 적용을 통한 구강보건행태 변화 조사,구인영;박은영;문선정;

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