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The Perceived Self-Differentiation of Custodial Grandmother
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 Title & Authors
The Perceived Self-Differentiation of Custodial Grandmother
Kim, Myung-Hee; Kim, Shin-Hee;
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Objectives : This study investigated the general characteristics, child rearing characteristics, and the level of self-differentiation of 120 custodial grandmothers. Methods : Data were collected with a self-administered questionnaire from 120 custodial grandmothers who registered Kinship Network in Busan City. Results : For the self-differentiation measure, the mean score of the sample was . However, the level of the fusion with emotion was extremely low partly due to the influence of collectivist culture of Korean society. The levels of emotional reactivity and fusion with emotion were significantly low which were dependent on depression (F=4.387, p=0.015). Conclusions : The findings of this study show the need to improve the level of self-differentiation by increasing the score of emotional reactivity and fusion with the emotion among the kinship network grandmothers. Therefore, supportive programs for kinship network grandmothers need to develop self-differentiation.
Kinship Network;Grandmothers;Self-Differentiation;Depression;
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