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Factors that Affect Employee Satisfaction according to Hospital Size and Job Group
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 Title & Authors
Factors that Affect Employee Satisfaction according to Hospital Size and Job Group
Han, Ju-Rang; Kim, Jang-Mook;
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Objectives : The purpose of this study was to examine the factors that affect employee satisfaction according to hospital size, job group and career at hospitals. Methods : Data were collected from 4,307 employees working at 5 university hospitals. Statistics were done with the SPSS program version 21.0. Results : There were significant differences in employee satisfaction according to hospital size, job group and career. Additionally, there were positive correlations between each of the factors for employee satisfaction and overall employee satisfaction. Multiple regression analysis showed that overall employee satisfaction was affected by factors such as job, communication, personnel and leadership according to hospital size, job group and career. Conclusions : The results of this study suggest that by identifying the differences in satisfaction of employees who are working in different circumstances and providing resources to satisfy employee needs, hospital employers can promote the growth of the hospital by reducing employee turnover.
Employee Satisfaction;Overall Satisfaction;Hospital Size;Job Group;
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