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Health Care Utilization Patterns of Workers` Compensation Pneumoconiosis Patients with a Long Length of Stay
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 Title & Authors
Health Care Utilization Patterns of Workers` Compensation Pneumoconiosis Patients with a Long Length of Stay
Youn, Kyung-Il;
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Objectives : This study investigated the health care utilization patterns of workers` compensation insurance(WCI) pneumoconiosis patients with excessively long hospital stays. Methods : The discharge summary data of 3,094 WCI pneumoconiosis patients were analyzed. The study sample was divided into 3 groups based on the length of stay(LOS). Health care utilization patterns were compared among the groups with logistic regression analysis, and the LOS determinants were identified with linear regression analysis. Results : The average LOS of the 222 long stay group patients was 1,448 days. Patients in this group tended to use private general hospitals, were admitted through the emergency room and discharged without the consent of a doctor. Conclusions : Many of the long LOS patients will maintain their inpatient status for the rest of their lives. For quality of life and efficient use of health care resources, policy makers need to establish a policy that enables patients to receive outpatient care in appropriate living conditions outside the hospital.
Pneumoconiosis;Healthcare Utilization;Length of Stay;Workers` Compensation;Inpatient Care;
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