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The Effect of Compatibilizer on the Rheological Properties of Polypropylene/Glass-fiber Composites
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  • Journal title : Composites Research
  • Volume 19, Issue 3,  2006, pp.15-22
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for Composite Materials
  • DOI :
 Title & Authors
The Effect of Compatibilizer on the Rheological Properties of Polypropylene/Glass-fiber Composites
Lee Seung-Hwan; Youn Jae-Ryoun;
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In this study, we prepared glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites using Brabender twin-screw extruder. Compatibilizer, polypropylene-based maleic anhydride (PP-g-MAH), was used to increase the molecular interaction between polypropylene matrix and glass fiber and to enhance melt processability. We also measured the shear and uniaxial elongational behaviors of glass-fiber reinforced composites in the absence or presence of compatibilizer. The effects of compatibilizer and fiber loading on the viscoelastic behaviors were examined. It was fuund that the PP-g-MAH compatibilizer improved the fluidity and increased the molecular bonding of composite melts in shear flow. Transient elongational viscosity was increased with fiber loadings in uniaxial elongational flow However, it was decreased with increasing elongational rates because of microscale shear flow between fibers.
Compatibilizer;glass fiber;composites;Viscoelastic behavior;rheological properties;shear flow;elongational flow;
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