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Experimental and Phenomenological Modeling Studies on Variation of Fiber Volume Fraction during Resin Impregnation in VARTM
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  • Journal title : Composites Research
  • Volume 28, Issue 6,  2015, pp.340-347
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for Composite Materials
  • DOI : 10.7234/composres.2015.28.6.340
 Title & Authors
Experimental and Phenomenological Modeling Studies on Variation of Fiber Volume Fraction during Resin Impregnation in VARTM
Kim, Shin O; Seong, Dong Gi; Um, Moon Kwang; Choi, Jin Ho;
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As resin impregnates through the fiber preform in vacuum assisted resin transfer molding process, the volume of fibers is changed by expansion of fiber mat according to filling time. It causes not only the change in dimension but also the decrease of mechanical properties of the composite product. Moreover, it results in the economic loss by increase of the used amount of resin especially in the large product such as wind turbine blade. In this study, the ways to control fiber volume fraction were investigated by both the experimental and theoretical analyses on the expansion of fiber preform as the preform was impregnated by resin in the VARTM process. Two kinds of swelling stage were observed as flow front progressed, which was analyzed by comparing the experimental and simulation results. The process parameters are expected to be optimized by investigating the swelling behavior of fiber preform in the manufacturing process of the composite product.
Composite;VARTM;Swelling;Fiber volume fraction;
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