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Effect of Graphite Intercalation Compound on the Sound Absorption Coefficient and Sound Transmission Loss of Epoxy Composites
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  • Journal title : Composites Research
  • Volume 28, Issue 6,  2015, pp.389-394
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for Composite Materials
  • DOI : 10.7234/composres.2015.28.6.389
 Title & Authors
Effect of Graphite Intercalation Compound on the Sound Absorption Coefficient and Sound Transmission Loss of Epoxy Composites
Lee, Byung-Chan; Park, Gyu-Dae; Choi, Sung-Kyu; Kim, Sung-Ryong;
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The sound absorption coefficient and sound transmission loss of graphite intercalation compound (GIC) included epoxy composites were investigated. Epoxy resin was infused into the expanded GIC and the impedance tube method was employed to measure the sound absorption coefficient and sound transmission loss. Scanning electron microscopy photographs showed uniform distribution of the GIC in the epoxy matrix. The surface density of epoxy/GIC (20 wt%) composites decreased about 56% compared to that of pure epoxy. The sound absorption coefficient of composites increased about 3 times at the frequency range of 500~1000 Hz compared to the pure epoxy. The sound transmission loss of composites decreased with increasing the GIC content and it is attributed to the increase of pores in the composites.
Graphite intercalation compound;Sound absorption coefficient;Sound transmission loss;Impedance tube method;Epoxy;
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