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An experimental study on structural behaviour of the MMA double wide flanged GFRP pipe composite structures (II)
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 Title & Authors
An experimental study on structural behaviour of the MMA double wide flanged GFRP pipe composite structures (II)
Ji, Hyo-Seon; Mamdouh, El-Badry;
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This paper presents on the structural behavior of the the methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) double wide flanged the glass fiber-reinforced polymer(GFRP) pipe composite structures for the manhole raise. The evaluation of structural performance on this composite structure was conducted by the axial load, fatigue load, and ultimate load test. The assessment indicates that the MMA double wide flanged GFRP pipe composite structures was confirmed safety, durability and reliability in result as expected. It was found that this composite structure was able to short working times to around 30-50% and construction costs to around 10-23% with compare other construction methods. Also, environmental pollution and civil complaints will be prevented because there will be no longer any noises, vibrations, dust, or construction wastes.
structural behaviour;manhole raise;MMA;GFRP;axial load test;fatigue load test;
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