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Study on a Policy for Forest Fire during Joseon Dynasty(during 1392~1910)
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 Title & Authors
Study on a Policy for Forest Fire during Joseon Dynasty(during 1392~1910)
Kim, Donghyun; Kang, Youngho; Kim, Chanbeom;
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This study surveyed historical records on forest fire polcis during Joseon Dynasty`s 518 years (1392~1910) in being and analyzed the Annals of Joseon Dynasty(朝鮮王朝實錄), The daily records of royal secretariat of Joseon dynasty(承政院日記), Daejonhoetong(大典會通), Koryosachulyo(高麗史節要), Bibyeonsadeungnok(備邊司謄錄), Shinbo Sugyo Jibrok(新補受敎輯錄), Sugyo Jibrok(受敎輯錄), Chungbo munheon bigo(增補文獻備考), Kyeonggukdaejeon(經國大典), Hwanghaedoyeonhaekumsongsamok(黃海 道沿海禁松節目), Jedosongkumsamok(諸道松禁事目), Taezonsokrok(大典續錄), Kumjojeolmokimun(禁條節目移文). Notes recorded in the history of literature wildfire policy is included such as general forest policy, Kumsan(禁山) and Bongsan(封山), citadel in the forest fire policy, Jongmyo(Royal tomb) Shrine of forest fire policy, hunting ground, salvage, defence, pest extermination. In conclusion, forest policy of Joseon Dynast was performed wildfire prevention policy and livelihood stabilization policy. In addition, forest fire prevention policies and how to manage in the major facilities are included.
Joseon dynasty;Forest fires;Policy for forest fires;Fire records;Annals of Joseon Dynasty;
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역사기록서 고찰을 통한 조선시대 산사태 특성 분석,이창우;서준표;강영호;

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