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Using Carboxylmethylated Cellulose as Water-Borne Binder to Enhance the Electrochemical Properties of Li4Ti5O12-Based Anodes
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 Title & Authors
Using Carboxylmethylated Cellulose as Water-Borne Binder to Enhance the Electrochemical Properties of Li4Ti5O12-Based Anodes
Liu, Lili; Cheng, Chongling; Liu, Hongjiang; Shi, Liyi; Wang, Dayang;
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The present work reports a systematic study of using carboxymethylated cellulose (CMC) as water-borne binder to produce -based anodes for manufacture of high rate performance lithium ion batteries. When the LTO-to-CB-to-CMC mass ratio is carefully optimized to be 8:1:0.57, the special capacity of the resulting electrodes is at 10 C and their capacity retention was 97.7% after 1000 cycles at 1 C and 98.5% after 500 cycles at 5 C, respectively. This rate performance is comparable or even better than that of the electrolytes produced using conventional, organic, polyvinylidene fluoride binder.
Lithium titanate;CMC binder;Electrochemical properties;Long cycle life;
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