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Synthesis and Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Property of BaTiO3@Fe Nanofibers with Core-Shell Structure
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis and Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Property of BaTiO3@Fe Nanofibers with Core-Shell Structure
Lee, Young-In; Jang, Dae-Hwan; Sung, Ki-Hoon; Lee, Kyuman; Choa, Yong-Ho;
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-coated Fe nanofibers are synthesized via a three-step process. nanofibers with an average diameter of approximately 200 nm are first prepared using an electrospinning process followed by a calcination step. The coating layer on the nanofiber is formed by a sol-gel process, and a thermal reduction process is then applied to the core-shell nanofiber to selectively reduce the to Fe. The thickness of the shell is controlled by varying the reaction time. To evaluate the electromagnetic (EM) wave-absorbing abilities of the nanofiber, epoxy-based composites containing the nanofibers are fabricated. The composites show excellent EM wave absorption properties where the power loss increases to the high frequency region without any degradation. Our results demonstrate that the nanofibers obtained in this work are attractive candidates for electromagnetic wave absorption applications.
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