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Influences of the Eu Concentration and the Milling Time on Photoluminescence Properties of Y2O3-H3BO3:Eu3+ Powders Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
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 Title & Authors
Influences of the Eu Concentration and the Milling Time on Photoluminescence Properties of Y2O3-H3BO3:Eu3+ Powders Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
Gong, Hyun-Sic; Kim, Hyun-Goo;
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powders are synthesized using a mechanical alloying method, and their photoluminescence (PL) properties are investigated through luminescence spectrophotometry. For samples milled for 300 min, some peaks ([222], [440], and [622]) and amorphous formations are observed. The 300-min-milled mixture annealed at for 1 h with Eu = 8 mol% has the strongest PL intensity at every temperature increase of (increasing from 700 to in increments). PL peaks of the powder mixture, as excited by a xenon discharge lamp (20 kW) at 240 nm, are detected at approximately 592 nm (orange light, ), 613 nm, 628 nm (red light, ), and 650 nm. The PL intensity of powder mixtures milled for 120 min is generally lower than that of powder mixtures milled for 300 min under the same conditions. PL peaks due to and are observed for 300-min-milled with Eu = 8 mol% after annealing at for 1 h.
Photoluminescence;Eu-doped powders;Mechanochemical method;
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