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Development of Powder Injection Molding Process for a Piezoelectric PAN-PZT Ceramics
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 Title & Authors
Development of Powder Injection Molding Process for a Piezoelectric PAN-PZT Ceramics
Han, Jun Sae; Park, Dong Yong; Lin, Dongguo; Chung, Kwang Hyun; Bollina, Ravi; Park, Seong Jin;
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A powder injection molding process is developed and optimized for piezoelectric PAN-PZT ceramics. Torque rheometer experiments are conducted to determine the optimal solids loading, and the rheological property of the feedstock is evaluated using a capillary rheometer. Appropriate debinding conditions are chosen using a thermal gravity analyzer, and the debound specimens are sintered using sintering conditions determined in a preliminary investigation. Piezoelectric performance measures, including the piezoelectric charge constant and dielectric constant, are measured to verify the developed process. The average values of the measured piezoelectric charge constant and dielectric constant are 455 pC/N and 1904, respectively. Powder injection molded piezoelectric ceramics produced by the optimized process show adequate piezoelectric performance compared to press-sintered piezoelectric ceramics.
Powder injection molding;PAN-PZT;Piezoelectricity;Microstructure;Piezoelectric ceramics;
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