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Synthesis and analysis CdSe Quantum dot with a Microfluidic Reactor Using a Combinatorial Synthesis System
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis and analysis CdSe Quantum dot with a Microfluidic Reactor Using a Combinatorial Synthesis System
Hong, Myung Hwan; Lee, Duk-Hee; Kang, Lee-Seung; Lee, Chan Gi; Kim, Bum-Sung; Kim, Nam-Hoon;
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A microfluidic reactor with computer-controlled programmable isocratic pumps and online detectors is employed as a combinatorial synthesis system to synthesize and analyze materials for fabricating CdSe quantum dots for various applications. Four reaction condition parameters, namely, the reaction temperature, reaction time, Cd/Se compositional ratio, and precursor concentration, are combined in synthesis condition sets, and the size of the synthesized CdSe quantum dots is determined for each condition. The average time corresponding to each reaction condition for obtaining the ultraviolet-visible absorbance and photoluminescence spectra is approximately 10 min. Using the data from the combinatorial synthesis system, the effects of the reaction conditions on the synthesized CdSe quantum dots are determined. Further, the data is used to determine the relationships between the reaction conditions and the CdSe particle size. This method should aid in determining and selecting the optimal conditions for synthesizing nanoparticles for diverse applications.
Quantum dot;Microfluidic reactor;CdSe;Particle size;Combinatorial synthesis system;
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