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Synthesis of KIT-1 Mesoporous Silicates Showing Two Different Macrosporous Strucrtues; Inverse-opal or Hollow Structures
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 Title & Authors
Synthesis of KIT-1 Mesoporous Silicates Showing Two Different Macrosporous Strucrtues; Inverse-opal or Hollow Structures
Baek, Youn-Kyoung; Lee, Jung-Goo; Kim, Young Kuk;
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We report a facile method for preparing KIT-1 mesoporous silicates with two different macroporous structures by dual templating. As a template for macropores, polystyrene (PS) beads are assembled into uniform three dimensional arrays by ice templating, i.e., by growing ice crystals during the freezing process of the particle suspension. Then, the polymeric templates are directly introduced into the precursor-gel solution with cationic surfactants for templating the mesopores, which is followed by hydrothermal crystallization and calcination. Later, by burning out the PS beads and the surfactants, KIT-1 mesoporous silicates with macropores are produced in a powder form. The macroporous structures of the silicates can be controlled by changing the amount of EDTANa4 salt under the same templating conditions using the PS beads and inverse-opal or hollow structures can be obtained. This strategy to prepare mesoporous powders with controllable macrostructures is potentially useful for various applications especially those dealing with bulky molecules such as, catalysis, separation, drug carriers and environmental adsorbents.
Mesoporous silicate;Macropore;Dual templating;Hollow structure;Inverse-opal structure;
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