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Bathymetric changes off the sea south of Jinwoo-do Island in the Nakdong River estuary
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 Title & Authors
Bathymetric changes off the sea south of Jinwoo-do Island in the Nakdong River estuary
Park, Bong-woon; Kim, Sung-bo; Kim, Jae-joong; Kim, Ki-cheol;
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Bathymetric changes were studied in the southern sea off the Jinwoo-do Island, which is one of the deltaic barrier islands surrounding the Nakddong river estuary. In this study, 16 bathymetry data sets were obtained from June 2006 to April 2015. Two narrow channels, the one lying between Jinwoo-do and Shinja-do, and the other one lying between Nulcha-do and Jinwoo-do extended into the eastern and western parts of the study area, respectively. The eastern extension of the channel contained a passage of mixed estuarine waters of seawater and river water discharged from the Nakdong river barrier and the west Nakdong River. The western channel connected the Nakdong River estuary with the Busan New Port via a connecting pier. Total volumetric changes of sediments in study area and discharge flow of the Nakdong river barrier were analyzed. Bottom topographical changes occurred mainly in the eastern extension of the channel. These changes were initially characterized by gradual erosion or deposition followed by rapid restoration. The total volume of sediment gradually increased from June 2006 to March 2013, but experienced a sudden decrease in October 2013 because of typhoon Danas. Few fluctuations were observed from October 2013 to April 2015. Analysis of the cross-sectional bathymetry of the north-south direction showed that the deepest point of the eastern channel moved 100-130 m westward and 200 m northward between June 2006 and April 2015.
Nakdong river estuary;Jinwoo-do;Barrier island;Bathymetric change;Channel;
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