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Subset selection in multiple linear regression: An improved Tabu search
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 Title & Authors
Subset selection in multiple linear regression: An improved Tabu search
Bae, Jaegug; Kim, Jung-Tae; Kim, Jae-Hwan;
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This paper proposes an improved tabu search method for subset selection in multiple linear regression models. Variable selection is a vital combinatorial optimization problem in multivariate statistics. The selection of the optimal subset of variables is necessary in order to reliably construct a multiple linear regression model. Its applications widely range from machine learning, timeseries prediction, and multi-class classification to noise detection. Since this problem has NP-complete nature, it becomes more difficult to find the optimal solution as the number of variables increases. Two typical metaheuristic methods have been developed to tackle the problem: the tabu search algorithm and hybrid genetic and simulated annealing algorithm. However, these two methods have shortcomings. The tabu search method requires a large amount of computing time, and the hybrid algorithm produces a less accurate solution. To overcome the shortcomings of these methods, we propose an improved tabu search algorithm to reduce moves of the neighborhood and to adopt an effective move search strategy. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method, comparative studies are performed on small literature data sets and on large simulation data sets. Computational results show that the proposed method outperforms two metaheuristic methods in terms of the computing time and solution quality.
Metaheuristics;Improved tabu search;Subset selection problem;
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