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CFD validation for subcooled boiling under low pressure
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 Title & Authors
CFD validation for subcooled boiling under low pressure
Choi, Yong-Seok; Kim, You-Taek; Lim, Tae-Woo;
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Subcooled boiling under low pressure was numerically investigated using computational fluid dynamics(CFD). The wall boiling model was used for simulating the subcooled boiling; this model requires sub-models consisting of bubble departure diameter, nucleation site density and bubble departure frequency. The CFD code CFX provides the default models based on experimental data. Because these models are mostly developed under high pressure conditions, it would not be predicted well in low pressure conditions. Thus in this study, CFD validation for subcooled boiling under low pressure was analyzed. The numerical results were compared with experimental data from published paper. Simulations were performed with mass flux ranging from 250 to , heat flux ranging from 0.37 to and constant outlet pressure of 0.11 MPa. Employing the empirical correlation developed under low pressures could increase the accuracy of numerical analysis.
Bubble departure frequency;CFD;Nucleate site density;Subcooled boiling;Wall boiling model;
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