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A study on efficient integration model of satellite and underwater communication for improving throughput efficiency
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 Title & Authors
A study on efficient integration model of satellite and underwater communication for improving throughput efficiency
Baek, Chang-Uk; Jung, Ji-Won;
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In this paper, we analyzed efficient decoding scheme with FTN(Faster than Nyquist) method that is transmission method faster than Nyquist theory and increase the throughput. Applying the FTN method to satellite and underwater communication, we proposed an efficient transceiver model. To minimize ISI(Inter-Symbol Interference) induced by FTN signal, turbo equalization algorithms that iteratively exchange probabilistic information between Viterbi equalizer based on BCJR algorithm and LDPC decoder are used in satellite communication. In others, for underwater communication, DFE equalizer and LDPC decoder are concatenated to improve performance.
FTN(Faster than nyquist);Turbo Equalization;LDPC codes;Satellite and underwater communication;
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