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A Case Study on Korean Medicine Treatment for Chronic Leukorrhea Diagnosed with Qi Deficiency
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 Title & Authors
A Case Study on Korean Medicine Treatment for Chronic Leukorrhea Diagnosed with Qi Deficiency
Park, Kang-In; Pak, Yeon-Kyoung; Park, Kyoung-Sun; Hwang, Deok-Sang; Lee, Chang-Hoon; Jang, Jun-Bok; Lee, Jin-Moo;
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Objectives Chronic leukorrhea is troublesome symptom to many women. It is well known that Korean medicine is safe and effective on chronic leukorrhea. So this study aims to report the clinical effect of Korean medicine on chronic leukorrhea diagnosed with qi deficiency. Methods The patient received herbal medication, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy, and Gong-jin therapy during hospitalization (about 17 days). Ikkijeseup-tang (IJST) was applied. Results Chronic leukorrhea, lethargy and loss of appetite was effectively reduced after the treatment. Qi deficiency questionnaire score decreased from 90 to 33. Visual Analogue Scale for chronic leukorrhea decreased from 7 to 0. SF-36 score increased from 268 to 323. Conclusions This case shows that Korean medicine is effective on chronic leukorrhea diagnosed with qi deficiency. Further experimental studies and clinical studies are needed.
Chronic Leukorrhea;Qi Deficiency;Korean medicine;Ikkijeseup-tang;Case Study;
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