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Effects of Yikgeebohyul-tang Aqueous Extracts on the Rat Hypothyroidism Induced by Propylthiouracil
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Yikgeebohyul-tang Aqueous Extracts on the Rat Hypothyroidism Induced by Propylthiouracil
Son, Ji-Hye; Kim, Dong-Chul;
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Objectives The object of this study was to evaluate the effect of Yikgeebohyul-tang aqueous extracts (YKBHT) on the propylthiouracil (PTU)-induced rat hypothyroidism. Methods The rats were divided into 6 groups : intact vehicle control, PTU control, LT4, YKBHT 500, 250 and 125 mg/kg treated groups. Hypothyroidism was induced by daily subcutaneous treatment of PTU 10 mg/kg for 28 days. YKBHT aqueous extracts were administered once a day as an oral dose of 500, 250 and 125 mg/kg for 42 days. The changes were observed : weight of body, thyroid gland, liver, testis, epididymis and prostate, serum thyroid hormone levels, serum male sex hormone levels, serum lipid profiles, liver and testis antioxidant system. These results were compared with LT4 0.5 mg/kg intraperitoneally treated rats. Results These PTU induced hypothyroidism and related hepatic and male reproductive organ damages were favorably and dose-dependently inhibited by treatment of YKBHT 500, 250 and 125 mg/kg, and YKBHT also effectively regulated the PTU-induced abnormal antioxidant defense factor changes in the both liver and testis. Although, LT4 also inhibited PTU-induced hypothyroidism and relative liver damages. But it deteriorated the hypothyroidism related testis, epididymis and prostate damages through testicular oxidative damages. Conclusions : The result of this study suggests that YKBHT has favorable effects on the hypothyroidism and related liver and reproductive organ damages with augmentation of antioxidant defense factor in the testis and liver. YKBHT 500, 250 and 125 mg/kg dose-dependently inhibited PTU-induced hypothyroidism and related liver and male reproductive organ damages in rats.
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