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A Study on Recognition of Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Infants and Toddlers by Childcare Teachers : With a Focus on Focus Group Interviews
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Recognition of Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Infants and Toddlers by Childcare Teachers : With a Focus on Focus Group Interviews
Lee, Kyung-Sook; Park, Jin-Ah;
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This study examines indicators and factors for identification of ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) characteristics of infants and toddlers and early screening of children with ASD by day care teachers. Focus group interviews were conducted with 11 teachers by a semi-structured questionnaire developed by the authors. The findings are: 1) key problems and indicators of behavioral characteristics of children with ASD included problems with social communication and interactions, restricted and unusual interests, outstanding ability in specific areas, insistence on sameness and ritualized patterns, problems with language development and communication, sensory abnormalities; 2) counseling with parents of children with ASD revealed a lack of recognition of parents, negative expressions of emotions and resistance, and difficulties in referral to and association with experts; 3) needs for ASD in the child care field included visiting by experts, provision of test scales, training of child care teachers and parents, and building cooperative systems; and 4) demands of development and execution of a Korean-style scale for early screening of children with ASD.
Day Care Center Teachers;Autism Spectrum Disorder;Focus Group Interview;
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