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Third Harmonic Generation of Shear Horizontal Guided Waves Propagation in Plate-like Structures
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 Title & Authors
Third Harmonic Generation of Shear Horizontal Guided Waves Propagation in Plate-like Structures
Li, Weibin; Xu, Chunguang; Cho, Younho;
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The use of nonlinear ultrasonics wave has been accepted as a promising tool for monitoring material states related to microstructural changes, as it has improved sensitivity compared to conventional non-destructive testing approaches. In this paper, third harmonic generation of shear horizontal guided waves propagating in an isotropic plate is investigated using the perturbation method and modal analysis approach. An experimental procedure is proposed to detect the third harmonics of shear horizontal guided waves by electromagnetic transducers. The strongly nonlinear response of shear horizontal guided waves is measured. The accumulative growth of relative acoustic nonlinear response with an increase of propagation distance is detected in this investigation. The experimental results agree with the theoretical prediction, and thus providing another indication of the feasibility of using higher harmonic generation of electromagnetic shear horizontal guided waves for material characterization.
Third Harmonic Generation;Shear Horizontal Guided Waves;Magnetostrictive Transducer;Perturbation Method;
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