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Using Lamb Waves to Monitor Moisture Absorption in Thermally Fatigued Composite Laminates
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Using Lamb Waves to Monitor Moisture Absorption in Thermally Fatigued Composite Laminates
Lee, Jaesun; Cho, Younho;
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Nondestructive evaluation for material health monitoring is important in aerospace industries. Composite laminates are exposed to heat cyclic loading and humid environment depending on flight conditions. Cyclic heat loading and moisture absorption may lead to material degradation such as matrix breaking, debonding, and delamination. In this paper, the moisture absorption ratio was investigated by measuring the Lamb wave velocity. The composite laminates were manufactured and subjected to different thermal aging cycles and moisture absorption. For various conditions of these cycles, not only changes in weight and also ultrasonic wave velocity were measured, and the Lamb wave velocity at various levels of moisture on a carbon-epoxy plate was investigated. Results from the experiment show a linear correlation between moisture absorption ratio and Lamb wave velocity at different thermal fatigue stages. The presented method can be applied as an alternative solution in the online monitoring of composite laminate moisture levels in commercial flights.
Composite Laminates;Moisture Absorption;Cyclic Heat Loading;Lamb Waves;Material Degradation;
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평판 표면에서 노치형 결함의 경사각도에 의해 발생되는 산란신호의 유한요소해석 연구,박지원;이재선;조윤호;

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