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Evaluating Interfacial Adhesion Properties of Pt/Ti Thin-Film by Using Acousto-Optic Technique
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 Title & Authors
Evaluating Interfacial Adhesion Properties of Pt/Ti Thin-Film by Using Acousto-Optic Technique
Park, Hae-Sung; Didie, David; Yoshida, Sanichiro; Park, Ik-Keun;
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We propose an acousto-optic technique for the nondestructive evaluation of adhesion properties of a Pt/Ti thin-film interface. Since there are some problems encountered when using prevailing techniques to nondestructively evaluate the interfacial properties of micro/nano-scale thin-films, we applied an interferometer that combined the acoustic and optical methods. This technique is based on the Michelson interferometer but the resultant surface of the thin film specimen makes interference instead of the mirror when the interface is excited from the acoustic transducer at the driving frequency. The thin film shows resonance-like behavior at a certain frequency range, resulting in a low-contrast fringe pattern. Therefore, we represented quantitatively the change in fringe pattern as a frequency spectrum and discovered the possibility that the interfacial adhesion properties of a thin film can be evaluated using the newly proposed technique.
Acousto-Optic Technique;Michelson Interferometer;Thin Film;Adhesion Properties;Nondestructive Evaluation;
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