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Designing a Highly Sensitive Eddy Current Sensor for Evaluating Damage on Thermal Barrier Coating
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 Title & Authors
Designing a Highly Sensitive Eddy Current Sensor for Evaluating Damage on Thermal Barrier Coating
Kim, Jong Min; Lee, Seul-Gi; Kim, Hak Joon; Song, Sung Jin; Seok, Chang Seong; Lee, Yeong-Ze;
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A thermal barrier coating (TBC) has been widely applied to machine components working under high temperature as a thermal insulator owing to its critical financial and safety benefits to the industry. However, the nondestructive evaluation of TBC damage is not easy since sensing of the microscopic change that occurs on the TBC is required during an evaluation. We designed an eddy current probe for evaluating damage on a TBC based on the finite element method (FEM) and validated its performance through an experiment. An FEM analysis predicted the sensitivity of the probe, showing that impedance change increases as the TBC thermally degrades. In addition, the effect of the magnetic shield concentrating magnetic flux density was also observed. Finally, experimental validation showed good agreement with the simulation result.
Eddy Current Testing;Thermal Barrier Coating;FEM;Sensor Design;
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