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Development of Signal Processing Modules for Double-sided Silicon Strip Detector of Gamma Vertex Imaging for Proton Beam Dose Verification
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 Title & Authors
Development of Signal Processing Modules for Double-sided Silicon Strip Detector of Gamma Vertex Imaging for Proton Beam Dose Verification
Lee, Han Rim; Park, Jong Hoon; Kim, Jae Hyeon; Jung, Won Gyun; Kim, Chan Hyeong;
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Recently, a new imaging method, gamma vertex imaging (GVI), was proposed for the verification of in-vivo proton dose distribution. In GVI, the vertices of prompt gammas generated by proton induced nuclear interaction were determined by tracking the Compton-recoiled electrons. The GVI system is composed of a beryllium electron converter for converting gamma to electron, two double-sided silicon strip detectors (DSSDs) for the electron tracking, and a scintillation detector for the energy determination of the electron. In the present study, the modules of a charge sensitive preamplifier (CSP) and a shaping amplifier for the analog signal processing of DSSD were developed and the performances were evaluated by comparing the energy resolutions with those of the commercial products. Based on the results, it was confirmed that the energy resolution of the developed CSP module was a little lower than that of the CR-113 (Cremat, Inc., MA), and the resolution of the shaping amplifier was similar to that of the CR-200 (Cremat, Inc., MA). The value of representing the magnitude of noise of the developed system was estimated as 6.48 keV and it was confirmed that the trajectory of the electron can be measured by the developed system considering the minimum energy deposition ( > ~51 keV) of Compton-recoiled electron in 145--thick DSSD.
Proton therapy;Dose verification;Prompt gamma;Gamma vertex imaging;Double-sided silicon strip detector;Signal processing system;
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