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Digital Hologram Encryption Algorithm using Fresnel Diffraction
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  • Journal title : Journal of Broadcast Engineering
  • Volume 20, Issue 6,  2015, pp.807-817
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers
  • DOI : 10.5909/JBE.2015.20.6.807
 Title & Authors
Digital Hologram Encryption Algorithm using Fresnel Diffraction
Lee, Yoon-Hyuk; Seo, Young-Ho; Kim, Dong-Wook;
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This paper is to propose an encryption method for only an allowed user to see the content for a digital hologram, that is a high value-added content. This paper uses a characteristic of Fresnel transform that the object region is concentrated to a relatively small part of the diffraction plane. By encrypting the concentrated part only the region to be encrypted and in turn the amount of data to be encrypted is reduced a lot, which results in an high efficiency with low encryption rate. As the methodology, a digital hologram is first Fresnel transformed for reconstruction and the result is secondly Fresnel transformed to concentrate the energy into the center of the diffraction plane to encrypt the concentrated region only. For the 2nd transform, energy concentration degree is determined by adjusting the diffraction distance and encryption strength is determined by adjusting the scaling factor. For this we analyze the optimal encryption area according to the diffraction distance and the scaling factor. When applying the proposed method with diffraction distance of 20m the object information was visually unrecognizable with the encryption ratio only 0.005% ~ 0.02%.
Digital Hologram;Encryption;Fresnel Diffraction;
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