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A Comparison of 3D Reconstruction through the Passive and Pseudo-Active Acquisition of Images
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  • Journal title : Journal of Broadcast Engineering
  • Volume 21, Issue 1,  2016, pp.3-10
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers
  • DOI : 10.5909/JBE.2016.21.1.3
 Title & Authors
A Comparison of 3D Reconstruction through the Passive and Pseudo-Active Acquisition of Images
Jeona, MiJeong; Kim, DuBeom; Chai, YoungHo;
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In this paper, two reconstructed point cloud sets with the information of 3D features are analyzed. For a certain 3D reconstruction of the interior of a building, the first image set is taken from the sequential passive camera movement along the regular grid path and the second set is from the application of the laser scanning process. Matched key points over all images are obtained by the SIFT(Scale Invariant Feature Transformation) algorithm and are used for the registration of the point cloud data. The obtained results are point cloud number, average density of point cloud and the generating time for point cloud. Experimental results show the necessity of images from the additional sensors as well as the images from the camera for the more accurate 3D reconstruction of the interior of a building.
3D Reconstruction;Image-based reconstruction;Keypoint;Point cloud;SIFT algorithm;
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