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Characteristic of a new variety Lentinula edodes, `Nongjin-go`
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  • Journal title : Journal of Mushroom
  • Volume 13, Issue 3,  2015, pp.228-232
  • Publisher : The Korean Society Of Mushroom Science
  • DOI : 10.14480/JM.2015.13.3.228
 Title & Authors
Characteristic of a new variety Lentinula edodes, `Nongjin-go`
Moon, Ji-Won; Lee, Chan-Jung; Cheong, Jong-chun; Kong, Won-Sik; Kim, Kil-ja;
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`Nongjin-go` is a new breed strain of Lentinula edodes, saw-dust bag variety. It is a cross combination of dikaryon Lentinula edodes ASI 3305mut and monokaryon L5-16 of L. edodes ASI 3305(Sanjo701ho). We crossbred them by 2011 and verified productive capacity from 2012 to 2013 in Rural Development Administration. Optimum temperature of mycelial growth is and it of fruit-body primodium formation is range from 15 to . Nongjigo is agricultured at mid-high temperature well. Fruiting body is platy-hemisphere, light brown and centralizing. And bast is formed around edge of pileus. Yield productions per period is regular than `Sanjo701`. Plastic bag culture medium is 1.5 kilogram and culture periods are 90~100 days. As its browning of pileus in culture is a little slow, Light and ventilation is needed a lot in light-culturing. Humidity is controlled properly for its color in fruit-body growing. Tested culture medium is consisted of 80% Oak-Tree saw-dust and 20% rice-bran.
Lentinula edodes;new variety;saw-dust bag;Di-Mono cross;mid-high temperature;
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