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Analysis on the design characteristics of blouse for silver generation in domestic and foreign
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Analysis on the design characteristics of blouse for silver generation in domestic and foreign
Kim, Da Eun; Lee, Kyoung Hee;
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Increasing of Korean old women's rate is demographic characteristics attributed an aging society, silver generation would lead to silver fashion market with steady competitiveness and interest in fashion. So the study attempts to use foundation material for silver's fashion design by analyzing design characteristics and processing development of design representative women's top. Selecting brand for collecting photo using study represents a mid- and premium-priced with reference Brand Yearbook. After selecting brand on domestic and foreign I have collected picture from Internet shopping mall and web-site of fashion brand, from October 2013 to July 2014, but I selected 840 pictures based on front poses for easy decision. In order to search design characteristics according to sort of silver blouse design on domestic and foreign. I have examined shape, color, pattern, fabric sensation, inside composition line and decoration with reference standard of analysis in preceding research. Data analysis method was conducted on analysis of frequency and cross analysis using SPSS statistical package 21.0. The conclusion of design characteristic according to type of blouse design for silver, H-silhouette in shirt blouse seems to fit in body transformation and expose silhouette with correcting the body flaw. Using soft material in T-shirt blouse they are able to conceal a body defect and express beautiful silhouette. By using detail in pullover shirt blouse and tunic blouse for point of design, it express glamour and luxurious. Most of blouse are printed various pattern, it would looks more gorgeous using pattern.
blouse;silver fashion;design characteristics;domestic brands;foreign brands;
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모듈화를 적용한 실버 블라우스 디자인 연구,김다은;이경희;

한국의류산업학회지, 2015. vol.17. 3, pp.341-350 crossref(new window)
A Study on Blouse Design for Silver Generation Using Modularization, Fashion & Textile Research Journal, 2015, 17, 3, 341  crossref(new windwow)
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