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Design analysis and improvement of Korean women's basketball and volleyball uniforms
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Design analysis and improvement of Korean women's basketball and volleyball uniforms
Kim, Sun Young;
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This study aims to integrate sports uniform design into fashion as an effective communication means by analyzing the uniforms of women's pro basketball and volleyball teams in the country. As part of the research method, a literature review was conducted on the domestic pro sports background and women's basketball and volleyball uniforms. For empirical research, an analysis was performed of the uniforms of 12 teams in total: six women's pro basketball teams and six women's pro volleyball teams in the 2013~2014 league. The following results were obtained. First, in terms of formativeness, sleeveless shirts and shorts are basic in both basketball and volleyball. However, there are remarkable differences between the two. Shirts in volleyball are tighter, with the body figure visible, and shorts are shorter in length than those in basketball. Most basketball uniforms have a V-neckline and are collarless, while volleyball uniforms have a standup collar in all teams. Second, both basketball and volleyball apply the representative color of the sponsoring company and the team's typical color, but common colors, such as blue, navy, and white, are used in many teams, which fails to represent a uniquely differentiated image. Third, the logo or symbol of a sponsor is excessively applied to both basketball and volleyball uniforms. This downgrades the uniform's own esthetic features. Fourth, a fashionable uniform design, that reflects the bodily characteristics of women and the characteristics of the sports game would be a beneficial communication tool for all the tiers to become involved in participation and entertainment.
women's professional basketball;women's professional volleyball;uniform design;
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리듬 체조 경기 의상의 디자인 분석,김선영;

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