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Development of cultural product design based on Chochungdo by Shin Saimdang - Through the color expression of pop art -
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 Title & Authors
Development of cultural product design based on Chochungdo by Shin Saimdang - Through the color expression of pop art -
Song, Jaemin; Choi, Jongmyoung; Kim, Jiyoung;
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The purpose of this study is to develop a design as a high value-added exportable industrial product by developing a cultural product, that can be accepted as having universal beauty by people in the Western cultural area. This is done by, re-analyzing it from a modern perspective after applying the color representation, used in pop art, to Shin Saimdang's Chochungdo (草蟲圖, insects on flowers) which clearly expresses Korea's national emotion and aesthetic consciousness. The research method depends upon developing cultural products such as scarfs, neckties, handkerchiefs, and folding fans, which are communicated in the global market The expressive technique of pop art is utilized after reconstructing the color sensation of pop art in the aesthetic dimension of the natural, physical, and formative beauty of Chochungdo based on the whole understanding of our country's genre of Chochungdo and Western pop art. With regard to the colors in the developed design, the basic colors were extracted and applied by selecting 10 pieces in the flower series, which were made with the silkscreen printmaking technique in the 1970s by Andy Warhol, a master in pop art. A work that integrates pop art, a global art trend, with Korean traditional culture is expected to highlight Korean traditional culture in the global cultural era.
Chochungdo by Shin Saimdang;pop art;cultural products;convergence;design development;
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