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A study on smart fashion product development trends
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 Title & Authors
A study on smart fashion product development trends
Suh, Sung-Eun; Roh, Jung-Sim;
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ICT in the IOT era is the core basis of modern society. This study investigated and analyzed the recent commercialization trends of smart fashion products internationally and domestically, to utilize them as the basis of data for developing user-friendly smart fashion products that can meet the needs of consumers. Keyword research using the most representative search engines, Google and Naver was conducted for searching for various wearable items commercialized actively since 2010. The final 78 products were classified by the physical area, and the key features and benefits were analyzed. Smart fashion products were classified as four physical types for the head and face, torso, arms and hands, and ankles and feet. Smart fashion products for each body part were developed in various ways, such as hats, glasses, lenses, virtual screens, earphones, headsets, clothing, watches, wrist bands, gloves, rings, wallets, bags, anklets, shoes, socks, and insoles. The main features were music playback, bluetooth, a camera based on NFC, virtual effects, health and safety protection through measuring heartbeat and momentum, and social network sharing of all kinds of information, based on inter-working with a smartphone. These functions represent the physical, social, and emotional interactions among users and their surroundings, as well as the users, themselves. The research results are expected to be used in future studies on planning user-friendly and marketable products through in-depth analysis of the design characteristics of smart fashion products as well as consumer responses.
wearable technology;wearable device;IoT;smart fashion product;physical, social and emotional interaction;
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