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The Evaluation of Image Quality in Gradient Echo MRI of the Pancreas : Comparison with 2D T1 FFE and 3D T1 THRIVE Imaging
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 Title & Authors
The Evaluation of Image Quality in Gradient Echo MRI of the Pancreas : Comparison with 2D T1 FFE and 3D T1 THRIVE Imaging
Goo, Eun-Hoe;
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The purpose of this analysis is to compare 2D T1 FEE and 3D T1 THRIVE for demonstration of the pancreas. A total of 85(45 men, 40 women; 58 years) PACS network datum were analysis clinically indicated pancreas MRI at 1.5 T. The SNRs and CNRs of 3D T1 THRIVE(SNR: , CNR: ) showed significantly higher values than those from 2D T1 FEE(SNR: , CNR: ), p<0.05, The image quality of the 3D T1 THRIVE() was significantly superior to that with the 2D T1 FEE(), but 3D T1 THRIVE revealed several artifacts resulting in poor quality. In conclusion, The 3D T1 THRIVE technique with a 1.5 T resulting in improved SNRs, CNRs and image quality was demonstrated.
2D fast field echo;3D high-resolution isotropic volume examination;signal to noise ratio;contrast to noise ratio;
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GE 펄스시퀀스을 이용한 1.5T와 3.0T MRI의 화학적 이동 인공물의 실험적 연구,권대철;

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