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The Study on Signal to Noise Ratio of Single-Shot Turbo Spin Echo to Reduce Image Distortion in Brain Stem Diffusion MRI
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 Title & Authors
The Study on Signal to Noise Ratio of Single-Shot Turbo Spin Echo to Reduce Image Distortion in Brain Stem Diffusion MRI
Koo, Nohyun; Lee, Hobeom; Choi, Kwanwoo; Son, Soonyong; Yoo, Beonggyu;
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the problems of low signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) of single-shot turbo spin echo(SS-TSE) by quantifying numerically decreased signal to noise ratio. Thirty five patients without brain disease underwent diffusion MRI in 3T scanner from July to October in 2015. Single shot echo planar imaging(SS-EPI) which is conventionally used in MRI was taken to compared SS-TSE in SNR of medulla oblongata. As a result, SNR of SS-TSE diffusion(b0
Diffusion weighted image;Single-shot turbo spin echo(SS-TSE);Single-shot echo planar imaging(SS-EPI);Signal to noise ratio;Brain stem;
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