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Evaluation of Percolation Rate of Bedrock Aquifer in Coastal Area
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Percolation Rate of Bedrock Aquifer in Coastal Area
Lee, Jeong-Hwan; Jung, Haeryong; Park, Joo-Wan; Yoon, Jeong Hyoun; Cheong, Jae-Yeol; Park, Sun Ju; Jun, Seong-Chun;
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Estimation of groundwater hydrologic cycle pattern is one of the most critical issues in sustainable management of groundwater resources in coastal area. This study estimated groundwater percolation by using the water balance methodology and hydrogeological characteristics of land use and soil. Evapotranspiration was computed by using the Thornthwaite method, and surface runoff was determined by using the SCS-CN technique. Groundwater storage change was obtained as 229 mm/a (17.8% of the average annual rainfall, 1286 mm/a), with 693 mm/a (60.1%) of evapotranspiration and 124 mm/a (9.6%) of surface runoff. Rainfall and groundwater storage change was highly correlated, comparing with the relationships between rainfall and evapotranspiration, and between rainfall and surface runoff. This result indicates that groundwater storage change responds more sensitively to precipitation than evapotranspiration and surface runoff.
Groundwater storage change;Evapotranspiration;Surface runoff;Rainfall;Coastal area;
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