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Confining Effect of Mortar Grouted Splice Sleeve on Reinforcing Bar
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Confining Effect of Mortar Grouted Splice Sleeve on Reinforcing Bar
Ahn, Byung-Ik; Kim, Hyong-Kee; Park, Bok-Man;
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The grouted splice steeve has been applied widely due to its superior construction efficiency, such as the unnecessity of post concrete and the large allowable limit to the arrangement of reinforcing bars. However, studies on grout-filled splice steeve still have not been sufficiently peformed. The purpose of this study is to investigate the confining effect of mortar grouted splice sleeve on reinforcing bar, known to strengthen the bond capacity between grout mortar and reinforcing bar. To accomplish this objective, totally 6 full-sized specimens were made and tested under monotonic loading. Each specimens were equipped with strain gauges at the 12 location of sleeve and reinforcing bar. The experimental variables adopted in this study are embedment length and size of reinforcing bars. Following conclusions are obtained; 1) Under ultimate strength condition, the confining pressure of grouted splice sleeve calculated from measured tangential and axial strain of the sleeve is over at any location of sleeve and improved with reduction in embedment length of reinforcing bar. 2) Untrauer and Henry's equation which describe bond strength of mortar as a function of its compressive strength and confining pressure, predicted the measured bond capacity of this test within the 5% limits.
splice sleeve;grout mortar;confining effect;embedment length;bond stress;
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