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Prediction Model for Autogenous Shrinkage of High Strength Fly Ash Concrete
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Prediction Model for Autogenous Shrinkage of High Strength Fly Ash Concrete
Lee, Hoi-Keun; Lee, Kwang-Myong; Kim, Woo;
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Autogenous shrinkage, a significant contributor of early-age cracking of high strength concrete (HSC), must be avoided or minimized from an engineering point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to study how to reduce and to predict autogenous shrinkage with respect to tile control of early-age cracking. In this study, autogenous shrinkage of HSC with various water-binder ratio (W/B) ranging from 0.50 to 0.27 and fly ash content of 0, 10, 20, and 30% were investigated. Based on the test results, thereafter, a prediction model for autogenous shrinkage was proposed. Test results show that autogenous shrinkage increased and more rapidly developed with decreasing the W/B. Also, the higher fly ash contents, the smaller autogenous shrinkage. In particular, even if much autogenous shrinkage occurs at very early-ages, stress may not be developed while the stiffness of concrete is low. In order to consider the change of concrete stiffness, the transition time referred as stiffening threshold, was obtained by monitoring of ultrasonic pulse velocity evolution and considered in the autogenous shrinkage model. From a practical point of view, the proposed model can be effectively used to predict autogenous shrinkage and to estimate stress induced by autogenous shrinkage.
high strength concrete;autogenous shrinkage;prediction model;fly ash;ultrasonic pulse velocity;
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