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Flexural Strength Analysis of RC T-Beams Strengthened Using Fiber Sheets
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 Title & Authors
Flexural Strength Analysis of RC T-Beams Strengthened Using Fiber Sheets
Park, Tae-Hyo; Lee, Gyu-Chul;
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Most of the concrete bridge structures are exposed to damage due to the excessive traffic loading and the aging of the structure. The damage of concrete causes the further deterioration of the function in the concrete structure due to corrosion of the reinforced bars and decohesion between the concrete and the reinforced bar. The quick rehabilitation of the damaged concrete structures has become of great importance in the concrete structural system in order to avoid the further deterioration of the structures. Recently fiber sheets are used for strengthening the damaged concrete structures due to its many advantages such as its durability, non-corrosive nature, low weight, ease of application, cost saving, control of crack propagation, strength to thickness ratio, high tensile strength, serviceability and aesthetic. However, the lack of analytical procedures for assessing the nominal moment capacity by the fiber sheet reinforcement leads to difficulties in the effective process of decisions of the factors in the strengthening procedure. In this work, flexural strengthening effects by fiber sheets bonded on bottom face of the member are studied for the reinforced concrete T beam. In addition, auxiliary flexural strengthening effects by U-type fiber sheets bonded on bottom and side faces of the member to prevent delamination of the bottom fiber sheet are theoretically investigated. The analytical solutions are compared with experimental results of several references to verify the proposed approach. It is shown that the good agreements between the predicted results and experimental data are obtained.
strengthening;RC T beam;fiber sheet;flexural analysis;
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GFRP 보강 철근 폴리머 콘크리트 T형 보의 휨 특성,김남길;황해근;연정흠;

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