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Evaluation of Diffusion on Cement Mortar and Durability of Concrete Specimen Using Inorganic Coating Material and Surface Treatment System
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Diffusion on Cement Mortar and Durability of Concrete Specimen Using Inorganic Coating Material and Surface Treatment System
Kim, In-Seob; Lee, Jong-Kyu; Chu, Yong-Sik; Kim, Tae-Hyun; Shim, Kwang-Bo;
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Concrete has been considered as a semi-permanent structural material, because its excellent durability. However, such high durable structure is often attacked by some environmental condition such as chloride diffusion, carbonation and so on. In order to prevent the deterioration behaviors of concrete structures. We estimated durability of concrete when used surface treatment system and coatings by new type inorganic coating materials. Base on the results of chloride ion's diffusion test, the coated cement mortar had smaller transmitted quantity.
Inorganic coating;Surface treatment system;Chloride ion;Diffusion coefficient;Carbonation;
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