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Prediction of Carbonation Progress for Concrete Structures Considering Change of Atmospheric Environment
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 Title & Authors
Prediction of Carbonation Progress for Concrete Structures Considering Change of Atmospheric Environment
Lee, Chang-Soo; Yoon, In-Seok;
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The most common deterioration cause of concrete structures in urban environment is carbonation. Recently, the concentration and temperature at atmosphere is sharply increased with time due to global warming phenomena. In this study, the climate scenario IS92a, which was suggested by the IPCC, is used to consider temperature and atmospheric concentration change in the model of service life prediction. The modified mathematical solution, which was based on the Fick's 1st law of diffusion, was used to reflect concrete materials properties such as the degree of hydration of concrete with elapsed time, and important parameters, which associated with deterioration rate. The techniques of service life prediction are developed introducing the method of reliability and stochastic concept to consider microclimatic condition in Seoul, South Korea. From the result of service life prediction, concrete containing high W/C ratio is shown fast carbonation rate due to concentration increase. It is concluded that the deterioration of concrete structures due to carbonation is insignificant problem on the conditions that below W/C 55%, well curing concrete.
deterioration;carbonation of concrete;global warming phenomena;service life prediction;microclimatic condition;
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