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Minimum Thickness Requirements of Flat Plate Affected by Construction Load
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Minimum Thickness Requirements of Flat Plate Affected by Construction Load
Kang, Sung-Hoon; Choi, Kyoung-Kyu; Park, Hong-Gun;
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During construction of reinforced concrete building, construction load two times as much as the self weight of a slab, is imposed on the slab, and strength and stiffness of the early-age concrete are not fully developed. As the result, the construction load frequently causes excessive deflection and cracking in the flat plate. The minimum thickness of flat plate specified by the current design codes does not properly address such effect of the construction load. In the present study, a simplified method was developed to calculate the deflection of flat plate affected by the construction load. The proposed method can consider the effects of a variety of design parameters such as the aspect ratio of plate, boundary condition, concrete strength, and construction load. A design equation for the minimum thickness was developed based on the proposed method.
flat plate;deflection;minimum thickness;construction load;
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